The legend returns! ZETOR introduces the new CRYSTAL with a six-cylinder engine.

Winner of the best NEW Tractor in show at the 2015 National Ploughing championships Zetor expand their portolio from 3 to 4 series of tractors, unveiling their most powerful workhorse yet, the Zetor Crystal.  The first tractor in the portfolio to incorporate the new 6 cylinder, high performance Zetor engine, the Crystal has an output of 144 and 163 horsepower.

The new tractor which excels in ease of operation as well as low maintenance and operating costs,  unveiling  at the 2015 National Ploughing Championships to huge crowds, the new tractor was awarded the prestigious prize from the Irish Farmers Journal Machinery team. The first Zetor Crystal to be manufactured since their famously popular predecessor dominated the Irish tractor market. Their main characteristics again being Power, Durability and effectiveness, we predict this well balanced, Reliable tractor will once again gain favor amongst Irish Farmers.

Demonstration units are available to test drive now.

Download the NEW Zetor Crystal Brochure Here.

Overview of technical innovations of the new CRYSTAL:

  • Six-cylinder engines

  • Common Rail fuel injection system

  • Extended wheelbase to 2,840 mm

  • Front suspended drive axle (optional)

  • Wider wheel track

  • Opening sunroof with adjustable fixer

  • Hydraulic pump capacity 85 l/min

  • Cab noise only 73 dB

  • Front wheels 540/65 R 28

  • Fuel tank 300 l + 30 l urea

  • Modern engine hood design

  • Innovated dashboard

  • Red wheels

The CRYSTAL’s cab is spacious and significantly eliminates noise. Air conditioning as well as a suspended cab and axle contribute to make work more comfortable and decrease driver fatigue. The cab is further equipped with an opening sunroof with an adjustable fixer. Excellent ergonomics of the controls allow the driver to intuitively control the tractor without lengthy instruction.

The timeless design of the ZETOR CRYSTAL tractors follows the original legendary CRYSTAL, that was produced by ZETOR from 1969. The new CRYSTAL was inspired by its predecessor in the sharp edges and regular geometric crystal shapes. The current model is coming back with concept of red wheels of ZETOR TRACTORS. ZETOR plans to gradually expand this element to its entire product portfolio.

The CRYSTALS modern electrohydraulic system increases work productivity and decreases fuel conspumtion by 5-7 percent It is equipped with the HITCHTRONIC system, that was introduced to the market for the first time by Zetor and recieved numerous awards. It is an automatic regulation system of the rear three point hitch adjusting settings based on detection of soil resistance. .