The Forterra HD 130 / 140 / 150

Engine The new Forterra HD series is equipped with an economical 16-valve four-cylinder Zetor engine with extremely low brake-specific fuel consumption (already used for the HSX model), placing it at the forefront of the competition. The Forterra HD 150 employs an in-line injection pump with electronic control. Unlike a mechanically operated controller, the electronic controller cuts fuel consumption and optimises torque.

Cab A major innovation for the Forterra HD series is the ergonomic, multiple-function control panel. Situated on the right of the cab, the driver has everything comfortably at hand, from hydraulics controls to activating automatic headland turning. Everything is intuitive and easy to operate.

AxlesTo achieve greater load-bearing capacity, the drive housing has been reinforced and the rear axle has been extended by 226 mm for 1,800 to 2,000 track widths. The tractor is heavier, more stable and bears greater loads on the three-point hitch. The front driven axle contains a 100% differential lock. Optional front axle gearbox spring suspension in combination with a spring-mounted cab makes the drive even more comfortable. The wheelbase extension to 2,700 mm provides excellent weight distribution and therefore the high stability required for effective work.

Hydraulic SystemThe auxiliary four-part distributor with electric and hydraulic control represents another innovation. In combination with the Category III hitch, it offers you a wide selection of available implements. To make field-work easier, the tractor is equipped with automatic headland turning.

PTOFor more effective use of implements, the front PTO power transmission has been increased up to 90 kW. The rear PTO clutch is equipped with acceleration feedback control. This provides easier and more comfortable starting, and the clutch receives a lower mechanical load.

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