The Forterra HSX 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140


Engine - Forterra HSX tractors are equipped with Zetor engines 8/16-valve engines widely appreciated for their fuel economy with low fuel consumption and a high torque reserve (more than 36%). The new 225 litre fuel tank is sufficient for a full days work.

Gearbox - The five-speed gearbox with a three-stage torquemiltiplier and power shuttle offers 30 speeds forward and 30 reverse, as well as an automatic shifting of the torque multiplier. New gear shift controls make gear shifyting easier.. This gearbox construction offers the user lower shifting force the previous models. 

Hydraulics and PTO - Two auxiliary hydraulic cylinders spread the tractor load evenly and provide lifting power up to 7,000kg. Forterra HSX models are equipped with the latest HitchTronic technology providing automatic regulation of the three-point hitch. 

Cabin - Dashboard with LCD display offers a lot of information for the driver and can record information electronically making its service easier. CAN protocol  electronics for easy serviceability. A safety switch in the drivers eat for operators safety.  

Undercarraige - Wide wheelbase for high stability and outstanding driving properties even when loaded in heavy terrain. 

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